Career Options For Political Science Graduates

If you have decided to get a degree in political science from the College of DuPage, then you will be pleased to learn it will open up many career options for your future, including each of the following exciting opportunities:

Political Party Careers

If you chose to major in political science because you want to work for the Democratic Party or Republican Party, then you will have a lot of luck getting a job with a political science degree. Both party's leaders understand that a degree in this specialty makes you qualified to work in many different aspects of their organization. Political science studies prepare you to understand the basic workings of the government and they will not have to train you in this area when hired.

Advocacy Careers

If you have social causes that you are very passionate about, then an advocacy career might be exactly the right fit for you. Political scientists work for a wide variety of different community and special interest advocacy groups. Within these organizations people with political science degrees spend their days doing the following tasks:

  • fundraise
  • network with politicians and industry leaders
  • research new developments in the industry
  • research new laws that pertain to the industry

If you decide that you want a career as an advocate, it is very important that you choose a cause that you feel very strongly about supporting. 

Lobbyist Careers

While advocacy career professionals tend to advocate for their chosen cause within the local community, lobbyists meet with politicians and try to convince them how to vote on various bills and laws. If you want to work in Washington DC but don't want to be a politician, being a lobbyist is a satisfying career.

Legal Careers

If you were to go to any law school today and poll the freshmen, you would find that many of them have newly minted political science degrees. Since political science and law are very interconnected fields, many future lawyers choose political science for their undergraduate degrees. Often after they have established law firms and are financially secure, many attorneys run for political office or become judges.

Education Careers

Finally, many people who obtain a degree in political science decide to have a career teaching high school or college government courses. These can be very rewarding careers because they allow you to share your love and respect of our government with the adults of tomorrow.

For more information about careers in political science, research political figures like Katharine Hamilton

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If you have decided to get a degree in political science from the College of DuPage, then you will be pleased to learn it will open up many career opt