What To Do When You've Moved To An Area With Worse Water Quality

Water is such an important part of daily life. If you have lived in one place for a long time, you are probably accustomed to the local water quality. So moving to an area with a lower standard of quality can be quite a shock. But thankfully, there are ways to bring your water back up to a safe and drinkable standard.

Get Wells Tested

With water well maintenance, there is often a legitimate safety concern; these sources often contain more bacteria and sediment than municipal water sources. You can do lab testing to look at issues with water quality for wells. Even with a municipal water source, you might want to approach a local official for reports that show what kinds of sediments, minerals, or other contaminants to expect at reasonable levels.

Take some time to read more about water well maintenance and improvement as well.

Pinpoint the Issue

What is it, exactly, that's bothering you about water quality? For most municipal water sources, bacteria won't be a main issue. Water sediment can be a problem in some areas, and you might notice that the water is cloudy or fizzy if it has a lot of minerals dissolved within it. The taste of the water may not be what you're used to, which is also attributed to the mineral content. Whatever you don't like, it's important to pinpoint it when you approach a water treatment specialist.

Devise a Filtration System

Check out the wide variety of water filtration systems, all designed to focus on specific types of water contaminants. For sediments, a mesh filter works great. Reverse osmosis filters are a favorite. For issues with minerals, water softeners will do the trick. Sometimes a combination of a softener and a filter is what you need. These systems may be portable or installed within your plumbing system directly.

Consider Bottled Water Delivery

Hopefully, these few steps will help you create a water system that you feel comfortable with. But in other cases, you might still not be happy with the quality of water. Then, consider bottled water delivery as an option. You could use the regular tap water for daily chores such as washing dishes and bathing. But for high quality drinking water, you could fall back on clean bottled water. Make sure there's nothing else you can do with your water treatment specialist; it's always nice to be able to rely on your own water supply for all of your home needs.

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Water is such an important part of daily life. If you have lived in one place for a long time, you are probably accustomed to the local water quality.

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